When it comes to small business, there are no simple ingredients for success. But if you make some key decisions at critical points along the way, you dramatically improve your chances for profitability and longevity. The most important choice you may ever make for your small business is working with the University of Minnesota Duluth Center for Economic Development (UMD CED).

Each year UMD CED works with more than 900 of the 8,500 plus companies in Northeastern Minnesota, facilitating more than $20 million in loans, and assisting in the creation, retention, and stabilization of more than 3,000 jobs.

UMD CED has locations throughout Northeastern Minnesota to provide assistance close to where you live. Help can be as simple as answering a question about compliance over the phone or as comprehensive as having several one-on-one meetings with a counselor to turn your idea into a profitable business. Many of the services are free, and all are aimed at helping you either start a small business or improve your current one.

UMD CED consulting programs provide one-on-one services to business start-ups and existing businesses focusing on feasibility studies, market research, surveys, business plan development, loan packaging, operational assistance, procurement assistance, manufacturing, management, compliance (EPA, OSHA, Revenue and Tax), problem solving, and information technology. Our programs include the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) Business Group, the 21st Century Arrowhead Initiative, and the Student to Business Initiative.

UMD CED also offers business and computer workshops to businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the region to enhance the knowledge and increase efficiencies of area businesses.

UMD CED provides resources and services to businesses and entrepreneurs through it's electronic newsletter NewsWire, Focus Group Facility, in-house business resource center and on-line website resources.