APi Group Inc. is a multi-billion-dollar parent company to more than 40 independently managed life safety, energy, specialty construction and infrastructure companies located in over 200 locations worldwide. APi Group combines the personal attention of small-to-medium sized construction companies with the strength of an industry leader to bring innovation to the construction industry.

APi Group is the parent company of four local (APEX area) companies: Northland Constructors, The Jamar Company, United Piping Inc., and Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company. For more information about each of the APEX area companies, please visit their websites below.

Northland Constructors
Contact:  Greg Fredlund
Website: https://www.northlandconstructors.com/

The Jamar Company 
Contact: Jake Tornquist
Website: https://www.jamarcompany.com

United Piping Inc. 
Contact: Rick Hansen
Website: https://www.unitedpiping.us

Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company 
Contact: Andy McCleery
Website: https://www.vikingsprinkler.com