ranite Equity Partners, a Minnesota-based private investment firm, invests in established companies within drive time of our offices. 

Our firm's headquarters are located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, which is also known as "The Granite City." Our name reflects this heritage and the values we share with our founding investors, who have led and built businesses in Greater Minnesota. It also reflects our business focus as stated below: 

GRANITE reflects our desire to be a strong and steadfast business partner. 

EQUITY is our focus. We seek co-ownership in our portfolio companies, sharing in both the risks and the rewards. And, we view "equity" broadly – we invest both financial and human capital, believing that money alone doesn't build an enduring enterprise – people do. 

PARTNERS come together to build solutions with owners and entrepreneurs who are facing strategic crossroads. Our team is committed to building long-term partnerships with companies that create value for all stakeholders, including management, employees, investors, and their respective communities. 

We specialize in financing buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth company transactions which include the sale or purchase of a business, generational transfers, or business expansions.