American Peat Technology is Minnesota’s largest peat harvester. We harvest reed-sedge peat from a natural deposit east of Aitkin, MN. 

Peat is a unique resource that is underutilized in the development of value-added products. Unlike most peat harvesters that sell peat into the horticulture or turf grass markets, our staff of about 35 employees produce engineered granular products that retain the inherent characteristics of peat but transform the natural material into industry-leading products for environmental benefit.

APT’s products are used, first and foremost, in row crop agriculture as microbial carriers. Microbial carriers convey beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms to the agricultural field where they help to produce healthier plants and higher yields. For legume crops, the applied bacteria allow the plant to literally capture its nitrogen needs from thin air, which results in a need for no or less nitrogen fertilizers.

APT’s second product line is marketed into the water treatment sector to remove dissolved and suspended heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, copper and zinc. Natural peat has an affinity for heavy metals, and our innovative granulation process produces an easy-to-use, consistent media that captures all the goodness of peat while minimizing the shortcomings that have hindered development in the past.