Titanium Partners is a professional, commercial and residential real estate firm specializing in tax incentive investing, development, brokerage, and property management.  

With a primary focus on investment advising and private placement partnerships, Titanium Partners develops, acquires, sells, and leases real estate with a proven understanding of how to limit tax liabilities for accredited investors. Additionally, they provide exceptional property management services to real estate owners in the office, retail, hospitality, medical, residential, and industrial sectors in the Midwest region. 

Since 2014, they have been able to not only examine how to manage properties most effectively but have also been able to analyze the commercial real estate industry as a whole. Titanium Partner is a Duluth-based real estate firm that has helped numerous investors navigate the complicated world of real estate. With over $820 million dollars of transactions throughout the midwest, their team is knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and can help accredited investors plan for the future.

To learn more about Titanium Partners and how they can help you grow your asset portfolio, visit them at www.titaniumpartners.com