May Board Meeting Highlights

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The APEX Board of Directors met on May 5, 2016, at the Holiday Inn & Suites in downtown Duluth. Steve Licari, Principal with Licari, Larsen & Company, Ltd. provided the Board with a very positive annual audit report. No issues were found and the financials received the highest rating possible. APEX approved Mr. Licari’s Annual Audit report.

Brian Hanson, APEX President and CEO, reviewed the 2016 dashboard as well as the current deal sheet. Twenty-one projects were listed on the deal sheet in a good mix of industries. Four new projects for 2016 had been added and some had been removed due to active successes, a change in market demand or a change in ownership.

Tamara Lowney, APEX Business Developer, provided a summary on Domestic Outsourcing and why it is a growing industry. She explained APEX’s strategy in attracting such businesses to our region and our activity with a current lead.

Sandy Johnson, APEX Manager of Member Relations and Administration, presented the results from our March Board meeting survey. All of the twenty-two investor-members who responded to the survey liked the small group discussion format used at our March Board meeting. Some great suggestions were made for future topics of interest to discuss.

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