Essentia Health hold Women's Health Saturday Seminar

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Did you know one-third of women will suffer pelvic health problems by the age of 60? Ever think your achy feet at the end of the day may be a sign of the start of varicose veins? Essentia Health invites women to attend the Women’s Health Saturday Seminar to learn more about two important topics in women’s health, pelvic pain or pressure, and leg pain with varicose veins. The event runs from 9-11:15 a.m. Saturday, April 11 at the First Street Clinic, located at 420 E. First Street in Duluth.

In the first session, Essentia Health Interventional Radiologist Dr. Greg Horsley and Essentia Health Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Michael Kassing will discuss common pelvic health problems, including pain and discomfort, frequent urination, leakage, and abnormally heavy periods. The two doctors will discuss diagnostic and treatment options for women.

Then in session two, the focus will be on leg pain and varicose veins. The condition affects millions of people and sufferers often experience pain, heaviness, tiredness, swelling or a burning sensation in their legs. Essentia Health Interventional Radiologist Dr. Greg Snyder and Essentia Health Vascular Medicine Physician Dr. Ayad Jindeel will educate attendees on why leg pain and varicose veins occur, and treatments available to alleviate pain and improve appearance.

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