Essentia hosts seminars on pain and healing

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you have an interest in learning more about spiritual pain? Over the next two years, Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Hospice and the Essentia Health Foundation are sponsoring a series of in-depth seminars that focus on healing the healers. The “Sacred Art of Living & Dying Program Series” is open to medical professionals and anyone interested in learning more about pain and healing.

Organizers say the series is interactive and inspirational, appropriate for both healthcare professionals and everyday caregivers. Participants explore universal patterns of spiritual and emotional suffering with time-tested ways to relieve them.

“This program has made a substantial difference in how I care for not only my patients, but also myself. Pain not transformed is pain transmitted and this is something as caregivers we need to start addressing,” says Nurse Practitioner Hilary Lambert, who works at St. Mary’s Hospice in Duluth.

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