APEX Helps the Aitkin Action Alliance Develop and Implement Strateg

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Aitkin Action Alliance is a group of individuals from industry, government, Aitkin Growth and the Aitkin Chamber that came together several years ago to find ways to drive economic and business development in the Aitkin Area. The Alliance recently selected APEX to help them assess and leverage the County’s strengths for attracting and retaining businesses. Nearly 30 businesses in Aitkin and the surrounding area were surveyed to provide a framework for an economic development strategy and roadmap. In addition to the survey, a dialogue with the public sector and elected officials further articulated the region’s opportunities and challenges.

As an outcome, APEX worked with the Aitkin Action Alliance to identify key target areas to improve the County’s business climate and attract investment. There were nine areas identified for consideration. The top three included:

  • Enhance workforce development strategies
  • Set a strategy for business retention and expansion efforts
  • Develop a strategy around the Airport Industrial Park, as well as other key developmental sites in the Aitkin Area

Tamara Lowney, APEX Senior Business Developer, continues to work with the Aitkin Action Alliance to implement the plan and refine the County’s attraction and expansion strategies.

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