New Northforce Website

Thursday, January 04, 2018

In 2017, NORTHFORCE launched a new website to better connect talented individuals with careers in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. The new website includes streamlined navigation so potential job candidates can zero in on positions that best suit their skills. With an expanded profile, applicants can better showcase their education, knowledge and skill set to potential employers.

NORTHFORCE also made it easier for employers to share new job postings and screen applicants. In addition, the new website focuses on developing the region’s workforce by sharing upcoming events and trainings as well as through leadership and best practices.

Lastly, the new website showcases Mentor Connection, a NORTHFORCE initiative that pairs business leaders with local college students to create lasting relationships and valuable connections. Mentor Connection is designed to develop the region’s next generation of talent and leadership.

For more information on NORTHFORCE contact APEX Senior Business Developer, Ian Vincent.

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