In Case You Missed It: March Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, the APEX Board of Directors and investor-member meeting was held at the Inn on Lake Superior. After typical Board of Directors business was conducted, investor-members had the opportunity to learn more about the impact of artificial intelligence on business and marketing from Manny Rivas, Chief Marketing Officer with Aimclear Marketing Agency.

At the meeting, Ian Vincent, Senior Business Developer with APEX, provided an overview of the 2017 Annual Member Economic Outlook survey. Of the 24 investor-members who completed the survey, the general outlook for 2018 was “pretty good,” which is slightly down from the 2017 prediction. There was also “slight concern” about business conditions - specifically, investor-members predicted revenue and profit levels would be down from the previous year. Vincent indicated the need for talent continued to prevail as one of the key challenges businesses will face in 2018. These results were consistent with the information gathered by the Regional Economic Indicators Forum’s October 2017 survey.

Category: Investors