J.R. Jensen October Insider

Friday, November 30, 2018

Photo Credit: Steve Isola


On Thursday, October 25, J.R. Jensen Construction (J.R. Jensen) hosted an Insider event for APEX investor-members. Nearly 50 business and community leaders attended the event to showcase J.R. Jensen’s new office and warehouse in Superior, Wisconsin.
“J.R. Jensen has grown rapidly in the past decade and continues to be a pillar of the construction industry in the region,” said Brian Hanson, APEX President and CEO. “We are delighted to celebrate J.R. Jensen’s nearly 100-year history and look forward to the next generation of leadership for the company.” 

At the event, APEX investor-members were welcomed by Hanson and Todd Rothe, J.R. Jensen President, and toured the expansive and impressive office and warehouse.
Over the past 10 years, J.R. Jensen has constructed five new buildings on their property to better serve their clients. Each building is somewhat unique and designed to showcase a variety of construction methods and materials available for various needs. Capping off this $6 million investment is the completion of the $3.3 million new office complex. This increased the total footprint for J.R. Jensen to 52,000 square feet of warehousing, maintenance shop and office space. 

“On behalf of our employees, we are all very proud of the new office space and excited about the opportunities it presents,” explained Rothe. “The industrial feel of the facility is respectful of the past while showcasing the work J.R. Jensen specializes in: structural steel, concrete and carpentry. Being able to see how it was built helps to inspire our employees and help clients envision what is possible.”
The new office building includes an expansive lobby, modern workstations, a full kitchen, ample storage space and multiple new meeting spaces for internal collaboration and to host clients. The open design and industrial building materials showcase J.R. Jensen’s expertise in both building and design. J.R. Jensen also incorporated a beautiful patio space that allows both employees and clients to enjoy the outdoors. 

In 2009, J.R. Jensen first built a 100 x 120-foot warehouse. As the company acquired more adjacent property from the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad, they were able to continue their building initiative, building another storage warehouse followed by a new, state-of-the art maintenance shop in 2015. “The shop was instrumental in taking care of our expanding fleet of new equipment and cranes,” explained Rothe.  
The larger office space has allowed J.R. Jensen to add a Senior Project Manager and a Safety Intern to the team, with room for additional growth as needed.
“The whole focus of our new buildings is to continually improve our services,” continued Rothe. “Our employees have grown along with the firm and that is our number one priority. I’m thankful and proud of the work they do for our clients every day. Continuous attention to safety, quality and productivity results in successful projects which in turn allows us to keep improving. We now have the space to accommodate a growing staff and client base, and we have technology in place that allows our teams to collaborate and work with clients efficiently.”

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