Take Precaution - Protect Yourself and Your Business from Cyber Criminals

Friday, November 30, 2018

Whether we know it or not, we are all victims of identity theft. Mike Olson, Senior Director, Cyber Protection Operations & Investigations at Computer Forensic Services (CFS), presented harrowing information at the APEX Board of Directors and investor-member meeting in early November.

Olson, who is also a retired Secret Service member, shared case studies and examples of how easy it is for cyber-criminals to access our individual and business information to create financial havoc. He provided an overview and definition of cyber crime techniques - some common, such as phishing, and others not as well-known, including spoofing, doxxing and the chicken. Olson also demonstrated how cyber criminals purchase information on the dark web.


The “bad guys,” often referred to in Olson’s presentation, are modern-day organized criminals from Countries such as Nigeria, Russia and China. Olson described a typical chain of command and how the thieves leverage average citizens, including bank tellers, cashiers, etc. “Cyber crimes are the biggest threat any of us, including the President of the United States, has to mitigate,” stated Olson. “Vigilance and attention to detail is key,” he continued.

Thankfully, Olson also shared several resources available to help take measures against cyber criminals. He suggested individuals and businesses consider implementing safeguards, such as using a credit versus debit card, implementing a credit freeze and opting-out of information sharing to minimize the damage done if - or as Olson would say, when - you become a victim of a cyber crime or identity theft.

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