Northland Foundation to acquire UMD’s small business center

Saturday, September 14, 2019

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The Northland Foundation will take over as host of the University of Minnesota Duluth's small business center starting next month.

In mid-October, the foundation will acquire the Northeastern Minnesota Small Business Development Center, with hopes of expanding the nonprofit’s business endeavors in the community.

While the new acquisition won’t change much about the center that’s currently operated by UMD’s Center for Economic Development in Duluth's Technology Village, the foundation is aiming to expand its work and add new community partnerships, said Tony Sertich, president of the Northland Foundation.

“We see it as a natural extension of the work that we currently do. … One of our main focus areas is economic development and economic growth,” Sertich said. “So it really complements the economic development services that we currently provide as a foundation.”

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