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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue, the APEX Business Continuity Website remains a reliable resource and place of support to business owners facing challenges to operations. The content highlights efforts to make strategic, deliberate changes to protect employees and ensure business continuity during these uncertain times in an effort to promote growth and retention to our existing regional businesses.

APEX believes it is essential to remain as connected as possible, especially during difficult times. That’s why our business continuity webpages are intended to share important information for investor-members and other business leaders who are seeking support to help their businesses stay active and optimistic.

Since the website’s launch, APEX has supported business ability to get back to work in the community by providing:

  • Examples of regional businesses staying innovative and nimble by adjusting product mixes, retooling work policies and procedures, rethinking inventories and critical supply chains, and more.
  • A curated resource library with links to a range of financial tools, business continuity topics, and up-to-date information for business owners.
  • A moderated Business Forum where APEX investor-members and other registered users can post ideas, ask questions, and interact to help one another succeed.

APEX is committed to driving investment throughout the region and helping business owners navigate the quickly evolving business landscape. With state-mandated shutdowns, limited-capacity re-openings, and new recommendations for worker health and safety, finding new and creative ways to maintain operations and production is critical. We believe in our businesses, we support our communities, and we will continue to add resources to the Business Continuity site to help our communities get through this challenging time.

Please visit the website to learn more:

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