Kraus-Anderson donates funds for safety equipment to school district’s Construction Academy projects

Friday, September 03, 2021

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As Kraus-Anderson Duluth helps to prepare the Rock Ridge School District for the start of its Fall Semester’s Construction Academy projects, the construction company has donated $5,300 to the District to better equip students working on the job site with additional safety equipment.  KA supervisors will provide training and mentorship to the instructors and students on the proper implementation and use of the safety items.

The Career Academy projects are part of Rock Ridge High School’s Tech Ed Department’s “hand’s -on contribution” to its new high school project. The students will be working on a series of different builds, including athletic storage buildings, dugouts and press boxes. The newly donated safety equipment will include scaffolding, ladders and fall protection equipment such as a fall arrest kit, retracting lifeline and guardrail systems.  

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