Middle of the Rez Road Podcast

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

On November 25, 2022, Rachel Johnson, APEX President and CEO, and Ian Vincent, APEX Director of Business Development, joined Ricky Reilly, host of the Middle of the REZ Road podcast, to have a great conversation about opportunities for the Native American community to get involved with responsible industrial projects around the region.

Ricky allowed Rachel and Ian to turn the tables and he sat in the interviewee's seat for this episode. After connecting on a shared appreciation for great food and the importance of family, the group explored how participating in projects like Line 3 or a nonferrous mine can be a critical turning point in breaking the cycles of generational trauma and poverty.

“We started this podcast to share opportunities and stories with the Native American community,” explained Ricky. “Construction jobs can pay $30-40/hour and offer pensions that allow people to retire after 25 years. These jobs can literally pull families out of poverty in one generation. That’s something we should be talking about.”

Getting involved is the key. People who participate in the work gain new perspectives and the ability to influence outcomes. Having Native American voices at the table is essential to upholding cultural and environmental standards during these complex and important projects.

The Middle of the REZ Road podcast provides a space for Native American voices. It was created to help people by promoting opportunities and sharing stories of success in the trades. APEX was honored to hear Ricky’s story and share more about APEX’s role in business and industry in our region. By working together and listening to one another, we can amplify the importance of industrial projects for all, make new connections and create thriving communities for years to come. Listen to the episode.


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